Recent Research Interests

University students, between childhood and adulthood, are at a turning point in their lives and it is important to recognize this in their instruction, an area I have been exploring. In addition, I think that our students can learn something more than just a language in our classes. One area that I would like to pursue with them is critical thinking, a key skill for all in their future lives. I also have a lot of experience of working in all-English speaking environments in Japan, encouraging learners to use the language freely and I am looking to pursue this in order to boost the fluency of our students. Lastly, learner perception is an area that I have identified as essential and I would like to find a way to give students a positive perception of English so as to boost their ability to learn.

Selected Publications

  • Musty, N. (2015) “Teaching Inequality: A study of gender identity in EFL Textbooks,” in Identity Papers, 1(2).
  • Musty, N. (2013) “Simulation of a Study Abroad Programme: The English Village at Kinki University,” in Ryugaku: Explorations in Study Abroad, 6(2).
  • Musty, N. (2010) “E3 Communication & Chat” in A Mayor’s Confession, edited by Kitazume, S., Tokyo: Kaibunsha, pp.100-105.

Further Information