Recent Research Interests

In summary, my research area is “theoretical study of the effects of information on the economy.”

(1) For the classical theory of competitive markets, I have studied the effect of market incompleteness resulting from informational issues on the economic resource distribution. I derived some general results about the inefficiency of the incomplete financial markets and price forecasts.

(2) I made some contributions to the foundation of the non-expected utility theory that critically developed the classical expected utility theory and the Bayesian decision theory, and published several research papers on the presentation of a new decision-making framework.

(3) I proposed a new concept of “information robustness” in general strategic situations (games) with incomplete information. I published some articles about games incorporating the above non-expected utility theory.

In addition to the above areas, I am also conducting research on analyzing Japanese and Chinese classics and everyday matters from the perspective of economic theory.

Further Information