Emeritus Faculty

Name Research Keywords
FUJII, Kazuo Economic Histry, Business Histry, Poland
FUJITA, Tomonao Etudes sur les œuvres romanesques de Nodier et ses activités journalistiques, les rapports entre littérature et musique à l’époque romantique
HIRAYAMA, Kenjiro International Stock Price Co-movement, Return and Volatility Spillovers, History of Monetary Theory
IGUCHI, Yasushi Labor Market Adjustment, Mismatches in the Labor Markets, Regional Economic Integration, International Migration, Relationship between Internal and International Migration, Migration-Trade (Investment) Link, Circular Migration, Global Risks and Migration, Inclusive Policies at the Local and National Levels
KANZAKI, Takaaki Contrastive Linguistics, Phraseology, Pronouns, Gender
KAWANO, Masamichi Regional Economics, Economic Development, Henry George Theorem
KUWAHARA, Hidechika Industrial Organization, Marketing Science, Competition and Regulation, International Trade and Investment, Economics of Technological Change and Econometric Theory, Economics of Public Utilities
MAEDA, Takashi Public Finance, Local Government Finance, Fiscal Federalism and Decentralization, Regional Economic Policy
MURATA, Osamu Business Cycle Theory, Economic Growth, Human Capital, Higher Education
NEGISHI, Shin Labor Productivity, Total Factor Productivity, Technological Innovation, Business Cycle Index, Composite Index
NOMURA, Munenori Aviation Business, Industrial Policy, Public Utilities Reform, Privatization and Deregulation, Regulatory Economics
OHTAKA, Hiromi Phonetics and Phonology in Languages, The Mora and the Syllable, Supersegments in Languages, Foreign Languages Education
SHINKAI, Tetsuya Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Managerial Economics, Oligopoly Theory
TAKABAYASHI, Kikuo Local Public Finance System, Local Allocation Tax, Macro-econometric Model, Revitalization of the Kansai Economy