Research Interests

My research interests lie in the field of microeconomics. In particular, I am exploring oligopoly competition of multi-national firms under exchange-rate and cost uncertainty, product line strategic competition of multi-product firms in oligopoly, innovation and competition in two-sided oligopolistic markets with network externality, oligopolistic competition of firms under asymmetric information (on which I had a major article in Journal of Economic Theory), and corporate finance and oligopolistic competition. My explorations are all theoretical rather than empirical, and I have studied the first and second topics enthusiastically these few years. On the second topic, I have just published a co-authored paper in Economics Letters and am at present trying to extend the analysis.

Selected Publications

  • Ryoma Kitamura and Tetsuya Shinkai (2015), “Product line strategy within a vertically differentiated duopoly,” Economics Letters, Vol. 137, 114–117.
  • Taklao Ohkawa, Tetsuya Shinkai and Makoto Okamura (2012), “The Tragedy of The Anticommons in The Long –run in a Common Resource Economy,” The Japanese Economic Review, vol. 63, No. 2,171-184.
  • Keizo Mizuno and Tetsuya Shinkai (2006), “Delegating Infrastructure Projects with Open Access,” Journal of Economics, vol.88, No.3, 243-261.
  • Tetsuya Shinkai (2000), “Second Mover Disadvantages in a Three-Player Stackelberg Game with Private Information,” Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 90, No.2, 293-304.