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Effects of globalization and demographic changes on labor market and migration as well as policy formulation in Asia, Europe and North America

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Under the globalization of economies together with demographic and social changes, labor markets are undergoing rapid changes and migration movements are becoming more complex. These movements are reflecting global tendencies of income and wealth gaps as well as technological developments. In addition, geopolitical risks including disasters and conflicts are strongly affecting these movements in many parts of the world.

To explore these movements, there are growing needs in the 21st century for further developing labor economics, international economics as well as migration studies both theoretically and empirically.

Therefore, the author intensively tries to explore these mechanisms and to find their evidences as well as to create wisdoms not only on economic policies, but also on labor marker polices and migration policies etc.

It is important that these works should serve for policy developments not only at the national level, but also at the local, regional and global levels. The studies should be conducted mainly in Asia from comparative perspectives to Europe and North America. They are undertaken in collaboration with research institutions inland and overseas as well as international organizations especially the OECD, the IOM, the ILO and the United Nations. Statistical studies and field studies should be conducted not only with the national government, but also in cooperation with municipalities.

In concrete, the subjects below are main focuses of this research project: 1) Labor market adjustments at the local, national and regional levels, 2) Regional economic integration and migration, 3) Relationship between Internal and international migration, 4) Labor market mismatches and its relationship with migration, 5) demographic changes and family structures affecting migration, 6) Roles of migration-trade (investment) links in regional economic integration, 5) Mechanism of circular migration in the regional and global migration movements and 6) Migration polices to cope with global risks and to realize integration of migrants and refugees etc.

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