Recent Research Interests

My research interests include a broad range of topics in the fields of industrial organization, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I am currently engaged in a number of projects in these fields. For example, I am working on the roles of entrepreneur-specific characteristics (e.g., educational attainment, experience, growth intention) and innovation strategies (e.g., internal R&D, licensing, research collaboration) in the post-entry performance of firms, using data on high-tech start-ups in Japan. In particular, I have been examining how these factors matter for performance in different industry environments (e.g., high-tech vs. low-tech, competitive vs. uncompetitive). I am also interested in how competition affects innovation by market leaders from a perspective of competition policy. To date, I have published a number of articles on such topics in refereed journals, such as Industrial and Corporate Change, Small Business Economics, Research Policy, and Review of Industrial Organization.

Further Information