Recent Research Interests

My research interests include a broad range of topics in the fields of behavioral economics, experimental economics, and labor economics. I have conducted empirical analyses using experimental data from laboratory and field experiments, as well as survey observation data, on various topics such as labor issues (e.g. working overtime, job training and gender differences in competitiveness), health related behavior, tax perceptions, and nudge. My recent research interest is in finding ways to use nudges and behavioral insights to promote people’s physical activity.

Selected Publications

  • Kurokawa, H., Igei, K., Kitsuki, A., Kurita, K., Managi, S., Nakamuro, M., & Sakano, A. (2023). Improvement impact of nudges incorporated in environmental education on students’ environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Journal of Environmental Management, 325, 116612.
  • Kurokawa, H., Mori, T., & Ohtake, F. (2020). A choice experiment on taxes: Are income and consumption taxes equivalent?. Journal of Behavioral Economics and Finance, 13, 53-70.
  • Kurokawa, H., Kinari, Y., Okudaira, H., Tsubouchi, K., Sai, Y., Kikuchi, M., Higashida, H., & Ohtake, F. (2020). Competitiveness and individual characteristics: a double-blind placebo-controlled study using oxytocin. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 11526.

Further Information