Recent Research Interests

Principally, I am currently working on several projects related to the interactions between voluntary environmental actions taken by private corporations and public environmental policies, from both positive and normative perspectives. I am also interested in the issues of waste disposal, especially concerning the effects of those policies that are supposed to encourage the recycling of household wastes.

Selected Publications

  • “An Economic Analysis of the Packaging Waste Recovery Note System in the UK,” (with Yoko Nagase) Resource and Energy Economics, 34 (2012), 669-679.
  • “Effects of Transboundary Stock Pollution on the Mode of International Competition,” (with Kenji Fujiwara) Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 60 (2010), 175-191.
  • “How Monetary Policy Committees Impact the Volatility of Policy Rates,” (with Etienne Farvaque and Pierre-Guillaume Meon) Journal of Macroeconomics 31 (2009), 534-546.
  • “Effects of Transboundary Pollution on the Mode of International Trade of a Polluting Goods,” (with Kenji Fujiwara) Review of International Economics 17 (2009), 1009-1018.
  • “Dynamic Voluntary Provision of Public Goods: A Generalization,” (with Kenji Fujiwara) Journal of Public Economic Theory 11 (2009), 27-36.

Further Information