Recent Research Interests

I am interested in computer-assisted language learning, as well as mobile-assisted language learning and have been conducting research using a free online social learning platform called Flipgrid. I am also interested in how technology can play a part in how students learn a second language and how it can benefit them by enabling them to learn a language outside of the classroom.

In addition, I am also interested in learner development, for example, motivation, learning strategies, autonomy, learner beliefs, as well as ways to reduce learner anxiety both inside and outside of the classroom. I have also been researching how Flipgrid (and other types of social learning platforms) can potentially reduce the anxiety of language learners over time. Tasks and other assignments in my classes are largely student-centered as this provides students with more opportunities to become autonomous learners and work out strategies to solve linguistic problems they might encounter.

Selected Publications

Moskowitz, N. Dubin, B., Sparrow, R. (2020 Publication Pending). How independent speaking using flipgrid affects learners’ complexity, accuracy, and fluency. Proceedings of the 20th Annual Temple University Japan Campus Applied Linguistics Colloquium.

Moskowitz, N. (2020 Publication Pending). Three activities for teaching both ESL and JSL students in the same class. Teacher Development and College and University Educators Journal.

Moskowitz, N. (2020 Publication Pending). Using role plays and real plays for lower-level students. Pan-Special Interest Groups of Japan Association of Language Teachers Journal.

Moskowitz, N. (2018). Creating a rubric from Nation’s four strands for textbook selection purposes. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Temple University Japan Campus Applied Linguistics Colloquium, Temple University Japan Campus TESOL Program, 10-15.

Moskowitz, N. (2016). Three communicative practice activities for /θ/ and /s/. Temple University Japan Studies in Applied Linguistics; Activities for Teaching Pronunciation to Japanese Learners of English, 105, 15-22.

Moskowitz, N. (2014). Improving grammatical skills through a variety of activities and approaches. Temple University Japan Studies in Applied Linguistics; Grammar Instruction in the Japanese Context, 95, 33-38.