Recent Research Interests

My research interests are: consumer decision-making, valuation of non-market goods, and environmental benefit transfer; applications of choice modeling with a focus on environmental and agricultural issues such as energy policy, food label, and lifecycle impact assessment. My current research has been motivated by an interest in the impact of a cognitive bias (a systematic error in thinking) and heterogeneous preference among different people on policy effectiveness, efficiency, distribution, and social acceptance.

Selected Publications

  • Kayo Murakami, Hideki Shimada, Yoshiaki Ushifusa, and Takanori Ida, 2022. Heterogeneous treatment effects of nudge and rebate: causal machine learning in a field experiment on electricity conservation, International Economic Review 63(4): 1779-1803.
  • Kayo Murakami, Norihiro Itsubo, and Koichi Kuriyama, 2022. Explaining the diverse values assigned to environmental benefits across countries, Nature Sustainability 5(9): 753-761.
  • Tadashi Yukimto, Kayo Murakami, and Tatsuya Maruyama, 2018. Consumer policy and resource management problem: a conjoint analysis of the marine eco label, Law and Economics Review 14 (1): 32-49. (In Japanese)
  • Kayo Murakami, Takanori Ida, Makoto Tanaka, and Lee Friedman, 2015. Consumers’ willingness to pay for renewable and nuclear energy: A comparative analysis between the US and Japan, Energy Economics 50: 178-189.

Further Information