Recent Research Interests

  • “A Study of the Trend Away from the Traditional Courtship Habits of Young People: Procrastination in Finding a Partner,” The Journal of Population Studies, No.52 (Vol.39 No.1), pp.25-38. (In Japanese)

In this paper, I analysed procrastination in finding a partner as one of the non-economic factors associated with the trend away from traditional courtship habits. The results show that there are many unmarried young people who give higher priority to their carefree life than to finding a partner. It is also found that those who put off finding a partner and have a present-biased preference become more active in their courtship activity once they are made aware of their procrastination.

  • “Determinants of Non-Managerial Women’s Ambition for Promotion,” The Journal of Economics of Kwansei Gakuin University, 70-4. In collaboration with Hu Minna (In Japanese)

In this study, we analyzed the determinants of non-managerial women’s ambition for promotion by estimating the factors which could discourage (or encourage) their desire for a promotion. The main result shows that experiences of a group leader can encourage women to have a desire to be a manager.


Further Information