Recent Research Interests

My research interests are empirical issues in urban and regional research.My research has been published in the journals of regional scienece, housing economics and Japanese economics. My research focus on what people move for. Do people move for fun? Do people move to avoid something?

I am investigating the cause and effect of the movement of people using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology. And I am trying to design and evaluate urban policy in a society with a declining population.

Selected Publications

  • Shinichiro Iwata and Hisaki Yamaga (2009) Land tenure security and home maintenance: evidence from Japan. Land Economics 85(3), pp.429-441.
  • Masayuki Nakagawa, Makoto Saito, and Hisaki Yamaga (2009), “Earthquake risks and land prices: Evidence from the Tokyo metropolitan area,” Japanese Economic Review 60(2), pp.208-222.
  • Shinichiro Iwata and Hisaki Yamaga (2008). Rental externality, tenure security, and housing quality. Journal of Housing Economics 17, pp.201-211.
  • Shinichiro Iwata and Hisaki Yamaga, (2007), “Resale Externality and Used Housing Market”, Real Estate Economics 35-3, pp.331-347.
  • Masayuki Nakagawa, Makoto Saito, and Hisaki Yamaga (2007),”Earthquake risks and housing rents: Evidence from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area,” Regional Science and Urban Economics 37-1, pp.87-99.

Further Information